Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thrift That Trend - Heart Sweater

Next up on Thrift That Trend, we have this beautiful sweater. More fun with fabric paint!

I've also seen lots of bloggers wearing heart sweaters so there is more variation than just this particular style. Also, lots of stores have sweaters like this so you could really go with any color combination you choose.
the rubbe doll fashion blogger ax paris slouch heart jumper img6 My heart is yoursTippi sweater in heart me
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 How many times have your strolled through the thrift store passing up good quality sweaters because they were too boring. Well, pass up no more my friends! This was so easy and took less than about 10 minutes.  After finding all the pictures above, I decided I may need to make this again but in black and have it centered. So cute!

Flat knit sweater (will make the paint more even)
Fabric paint
A steady hand or a hand made stencil
Newspaper or paper bag

11.13.12 040

1. Put the paper bag or newspaper in between the 2 layers of the sweater. You will definitely get bleed through with this project so don't forget this step!

2. Trace the heart using your stencil or free hand a heart shape on the sweater.  My sweater is wool it made it a bit harder to drag the brush across.

3. I stippled on the paint since it was hard to just drag the brush like you normally would. I think this helped make the paint a bit more even as well.  

11.13.12 041

4. That's it! Keep filling in the shape until it is the size and color saturation that you want. I like that the paint is a bit thicker in some places than others but if you want it perfect, then keep dobbing until you get it how you want it. 

11.13.12 046

11.13.12 045

As always, if you attempt this, let me know in the comments and don't forget to link back to this post!


  1. Nice! I think this one would be pretty easy to do! I might have to try it!

  2. NO WAY! You painted that on. I would have never guessed. tremendous. cool.

  3. such a brilliant idea, I love the way it looks!

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