Monday, July 25, 2011

Harry Potter Nerd Alert

I admit it, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. I have devoured the books and have been to the midnight showing of most of the movies. I have a couple of good friends here who are cool like me (28 year olds can love HP!) so I decided to throw a party before the LAST movie. I am really sad that it's all over but that is a whole other story...

I really didn't want to go crazy with the decorations but when I looked around in stores, there was NOTHING! I mean nothing. No plates, buttons, cups or anything. So, I decided to make my own.

HP banner1

HP banner2
I bought felt from the craft store and printed the crests on photo paper and then just cut them out. Lots of hot glue later and you have house banners!

HP banners3
I also made these larger banners to hang from the ceiling. The felt was super cheap so I think each banner was like $1 or something. I just free handed the letters and tried to make them look a little more "Potterish" by adding the points at the tops of each one.

HP snitch
This was blurry because it was already getting dark. For the snitches, I took a bunch of ping pong balls and sprayed them gold (this was really hard to do PS). I put pins in the top of each one and then attached fishing line. Once they were dry, I took gold foil cupcake wrappers and made them into the wings. I was proud of myself for this idea :)

HP cupcakes
I'm a big cupcake fan but I couldn't think of how I wanted to make them HP themed. So, what I did was pour the batter into all of the cups and then I put food coloring gel in the center and swirled it with a tooth pick. I made 6 of each color (4 different houses).

HP cupcakes frosted
Because I used the rest of the gold wrappers, once they were frosted, you couldn't tell what color they were. This is very important. These are now called "Sorting Hat cupcakes" I came up with this on my own too. :) I also made the sorting hat by fashioning the eyes and mouth and then putting a dab of hot glue to keep the shape.

HP sorting hat
I had the sorting hat next to a tray of cupcakes, one of each color. Each person had to put on the sorting hat and then pick a cupcake. When she broke it in half, she saw the color of the cupcake and that was the house she was in. Pretty brilliant, right? I thought so. :)

HP brooke
Brooke was Slytherin!

HP liz

HP sarah

HP laura

Everyone loved the idea of being sorted, it made the party really fun.

HP table
Here are the rest of the decorations. We had goblin dip (like a taco dip), there was candy from Honeydukes and even Hedwig's cage. If you want any specifics on how I made things, let me know!

It was a really fun party and I would love to do it again!

HP gals
The gals that went to the midnight showing!


  1. Wow, great job! From one HP nerd to another...

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your snitch! Hmm have you ever had a monty python, holy grail party?? I could use some inspiration (or you know, steal your ideas)!

    I used spray paint for the first time this weekend, that stuff is awesome. I have already made a few jewelry pieces!

  3. Um, this is SO incredibly awesome! I'm late to the HP train and I'm only now just reading them (just started book 4). I think this might be my husband's dream party. Might have to use some of your ideas for his next birthday party. I love the sorting hat cupcakes idea! 

  4. i have no idea what any of that meant, but you are too cute! i need to read the HP boosks. looks like it was a fun party and you did so much work. i'm sad i had to work.

  5. Good experience of the life shared here.
    Captures are so cute and adorable.........
    Need to read HP books.            lol.........!!!!
    Thanks for this share.

  6. Wow, this looks like it was an awesome party!  I especially like the house banners, they must've been really fun to make.  And sorting with secretly dyed cupcakes?  That's a true stroke of brilliance.  You guys should check out this song I wrote about Hermione: