Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Can I just say how freakin' excited I am for this...

My main goal of blogging was to meet new friends and have some of those friends share my interests. Now, I get to meet a whole gang of them?? AWESOME! Some of my newest friends will be there including Megan and Nora, Maria, Jill, Amanda (I think) and Annie. I've had so much fun meeting all of these ladies and I can't wait to meet more new friends.

If anyone from the midwest wants to come up for this, I will forward you the email! We will be Minnesota nice to all of you Iowans and Wisconsinites that might want to come :)


  1. I'm interested in this but for some reason I can't see the image! Could you forward me the info email? Thanks!

  2. Please forward me the info.  The image is broken!
    soyeahsoblog at gmail dot com