Monday, July 11, 2011

A Scientific Experiment

Or, should I say, a product review. I was contacted a little bit ago by to do a review of their HANA air salon hair dyer. They are most known for their Tourmaline Flat Iron and of course the HANA. I have to admit, I was both excited and wary about reviewing their product. I'm not a "beauty blogger" by any means so I didn't know if you all would even be interested in hearing what I have to say about the product. On the other hand, I was excited that someone had noticed my blog and wanted to send me their product. I also didn't want to endorse something that I didn't think was worthwhile. I went to their website and saw that they were indeed legit and even spoke to Jill about it. She did a review of their flat iron and said that it was a really nice product so I decided to move forward. The marketing guy who contacted me was very friendly and professional which made me feel even better about the experience.

So, I decided to do a little experiment (I am a science nerd if you didn't know). I wanted to see if their blow dryer was any better than my new $35 one from Target. I am not known for dropping a lot of money (hence all the thrifting) so I am wary of very expensive things. Why would I pay 315 dollars for a blow dryer when 35 gets me a perfectly fine one? I set up my experiment and tried to keep all variables the same except for the blow dryer. I wanted to look at a couple of things when I compared the two. First, was the expensive dryer quiet? My new dryer is very loud; much louder than my previous one. Although, it started to sound like a dying Chewbaca which is why I have the new one. Secondly, what did my hair look like afterwards? Was the quality of the blow dryer evident in how my hair looked and felt? Also, was the HANA any faster? I had read reviews that it cut a lot of people's drying time in half so I was interested to see how my fine hair fared. Lastly, was it easy to use? Sounds silly but some dryers have so many do dads that it makes it hard to just turn it on and dry your hair.

Here is my little experiment laid out for you in photos! Don't worry, I also have data and a conclusion coming :)

dryer goodies
Look at all the goodies I got!

dryer wet hair
Start with wet hair

dryer mousse
Add the same mousse


dryer1 time

dryer1 hair
The end product of my Target dryer

The HANA dryer

dryer2 time

dryer2 hair



Hair QualityX

Ease of Use

dryer2 hair2
Winning hair!

You can see from my little graph that the HANA wins in many of the important categories. It also came with a lot of fun goodies in the box. It has a MUCH longer cord length which would be helpful if I had a bigger bathroom or if I shared my bathroom. I don't know if you could tell from the pictures but my hair was smoother and shinier when I used the HANA and I didn't even have to use my smoothing hair product. It wasn't much faster but if you think about it in terms of how much of a difference that would make if I had thicker or longer hair, it would really add up. A minute or so saved is a big deal to a low maintenance girl like me. I don't have nice, thick hair but if I did, I think it would totally be worth it. Someone on their website said it usually took her 40 minutes to dry her hair and with this dryer it was only 15. How cool is that?

Is it worth as much as it costs? That I'm not sure of. Like I said, it made my hair shinier and smoother and saved me time. Those are all really good things!

If you want to go and check out their website, the lovely people at Misikko are offering 10% off to all of my readers! How nice is that? Just use the code HANA10 at checkout. I just want to say thanks again to Misikko for their wonderful blow dryer and giving me the opportunity to review it.

**For full disclosure, they are letting me keep the hair dryer in exchange for this review.**


  1. Lucky girl!! I had an expensive dryer for a few years, and I loved it. It was quieter, faster, sleeker, lighter - basically it was the hot rod of hair dryers. But then it broke, and I became broke, and now I have a cheap Target dryer. Oh well, it does the trick.

    I use the same mousse! Love it!

  2. This is a great and thorough review!  My hair dryer broke over the winter (attempting to de-thaw a friends car locks), and I have yet to miss it - ha!  My girlfriends would be appalled to find that I do not own a hair dryer!  What kind of woman am I?  :)