Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Fun

I had a very fun Friday last week so I thought I would share!

First I popped over to Mighty Swell and picked up a fabulous red nightie that I will have to show you but probably not on... it's kind of sheer. And isn't that the point of a nightie dear readers?



They also had a stylist doing vintage 'dos and lots of fun treats. I can't wait until the spring when they have their next sale!

Then I headed over to the debut of Band of Thrifters. I was going to pick out something for my future niece but ended up with a dress for myself instead. It was green with stripes, how could I resist?



I also ran into a couple blogger ladies while I was there!


Two of the band, Maria and Amanda

I capped off the night by heading over to Megan and Chris' house. Had a nice drink and an even nicer chat. Love both of them!

I hope you all had a nice weekend too!


  1. How fun! This looks like it was a blast. That's so cool that someone was doing vintage hairstyles at the event!

  2. So fun!  I wanted to go to both of those events but had other things going last weekend sadly.  Anxious for the next ones, especially because it should be spring by then!  Can't wait to see pictures of your dress!

  3. If I had planned ahead of time, I totally would have gotten my hair done and gone out on the town! I didn't want to waste it by just going home to bed :)

  4. Oh I'm sure they'll have more sales. I can't wait for spring either! It is a white dress which makes it more springy but I want to wear it right now! Maybe I'll just throw some tights on and say f' it!

  5. Yes! I had so much fun at both of those sales too! In that second picture, Erin, is the nighty I got, the adorable red and white print one! I LOVE IT! But I agree, not sure I should start photographing my night-wear, TMI? And is it just me, or do I look kind of strung out in that picture of us at Band of Thrifters?!? Its something to do with the flash and my greasy face... uhgggg. 

    You are so good at taking pictures at things like this! I only ever use instagram anymore.

  6. Oh I LOVED that one! I think I will just hang the nightie in my window and take a picture of it or something. No one wants to see that... :)