Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rock out with your guac out

Yes, this was indeed the theme for my friend's birthday party. She's pretty hilarious. She also turned 49* so you can tell her on twitter that she looks great for her age :)  We went to a relatively new restaurant called Rosa Mexicano. Ok food, GREAT guac. See below!

That guac is amazing! I could eat just that all day. YUM!

*this is the age she told everyone she was turning. She doesn't like being the youngest of our friends. She's only 25!


  1. Fun!  She does look great, hope I look that good when I'm 49!

  2. I love it!  49, really???  You both look great.  Not great for 49, but really great!!!  I love that 40 something is the new 20!

  3. I absolutely looooove your top and dress!  So cute!  And I'm pretty sure that is the best party theme ever.  And are you trying to tell me that any of the ladies in the above photos are 49?!  If so, good lord, what's the secret because they all look to be in their twenties!  Xo Lori

  4. I love your polka dots. You look gorgeous! And now I am totally craving guacamole. And is that your friend that is 49? Because I do not believe you at all.

  5. I feel so special that you wrote a blog about my bday party! Have I never told you the reason why I don't reveal my age??? Remind me next time I see you! So ready for wings. :)