Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Day, Another Alley

Hopefully, these will be the last set of pictures without my new lens. UPS is terrible so my lens is not back in my hot little hands yet. The package wasn't waiting at my place and the tracking number had the delivery date as Friday. So, I called UPS to tell them my zip code was wrong and that I would come pick up the package that night.  Sure, she told me. We are open until 8 so come and pick it up, I'll make sure it's at the customer service counter. I get ALL the way out to Maple Grove (30 mins away) and as I'm pulling in the parking lot, I get a call from UPS. The guy on the phone tells me that the driver won't be back until after they close so I can go and pick up the box tomorrow. They are open from 10-1. Sounds great.  I wake up and drive all the way back to Maple Grove and the office is closed. Now, I'm pissed.  I use my Nancy Drew skills and figure it must be at the UPS by my house.  I drive all the way back home, stand in line for 15 mins and they told me that my package was not there.  The people on the phone were wrong he says.  REALLY?No one works in the warehouse of Saturdays and Monday is a holiday so I couldn't get my package until today. Oh man, I wanted to hurt someone. I was supposed to take engagement pictures on Monday and I was ready to fly off the handle. No one was helpful and was just pushing blame around. Stupid UPS.  Needless to say, I won't be using them for my shipping needs anytime soon.

Rants aside, this outfit is all gifts and thrifts and vintage (oh my). I am happy to report that my closet is probably 80% vintage and thrifted items. Makes me proud!  This outfit is a bit spring-y with it's candy colors but I was in a sweet kind of mood. I was pretty impressed by my own matching skills. The skirt and the cardigan match polka dots on the skirt perfectly.

8.26.12 040

8.26.12 031

8.26.12 033

Outfit Details:
Blouse - Mighty Swell Vintage
Skirt, shoes - Thrifted
Cardigan - Gift from Two Birds


  1. I love that blouse! It is very sweet feeling!

    What a nightmare with UPS, I can't believe it. I think FedEx kind of outshines UPS unfortunately.

  2. Boo to UPS. That is a long drive!

  3. That blouse was a favorite of mine! I love it with that skirt. :-)

  4. Super lame about UPS! Ish! I would be so pissed. But I do love this outfit. You look adorbs.

  5. I STILL don't have that package. Went all the way there to pick it up and it wasn't in Minneapolis. Again. I wrote a very nasty letter that I'm going to send because I have to do something.

  6. Thanks! I need some new pieces for fall, do you have anything cute lying around? :)

  7. Oh, I'm forever going with Fed Ex from now on. We work with them at my job and I've never had these kind of issues.