Monday, May 6, 2013

Vacation Guest Post - Feathers and Freckles

While I'm away, I wanted to have some guest posters share their thoughts on travel with you! Today we have the lovely Megan of Feathers and Freckles! I've gotten to know Megan through her blog and she is the nicest person. Her blog keeps me coming back due to her cute style, hilarious writing and great DIYs. I hope you enjoy her post and go check out her blog and say hi!

Hi! I'm Megan from Feathers & Freckles, and I'm so envious of Erin's European vacation.

When traveling, I'm all about easy, casual clothing. I always pack outfits that I know I'll be comfortable in (flats only!) but that still incorporate fun colors/patterns. It's important to strike a balance between practical and touristy - just because you're in a different country doesn't mean you need a fanny pack and orthopedic sneakers.

If I was in Europe right now, these are the outfits I'd be eating gelato in...






What's your vacation style?

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