Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vacation Guest Post - A Little Slice of Special

While I'm away, I've lined up some of my favorite blogger ladies to keep you company! Today we are joined by Lori of A Little Slice of Special. I'm happy to call Lori my friend and I hope you stop by her blog and say hi!
The best trip of my life was also quite possibly the time I dressed the worst. Ever.  Did how I dressed make my trip any less enjoyable? No, not one bit BUT it does make me cringe every time I look back at pictures.  Now I'm going to give you my top ten tips of what NOT to pack when you're getting ready for an awesome backpacking adventure.  But first...some background...
Back in 2006 I took a month long trip to Australia and a 10 day trip to New Zealand.  I had one small backpacking backpack and I'd never been camping, in my life, for reals.  I prepared for 20+ days of camping, hiking, and exploring with the instruction from our professors to focus on comfort and to bring stuff that I'd be ok with throwing out.  I might have taken  took that WAY to seriously.  But now you can can use my mistake as a learning experience?!  At least that's what I"m going to tell myself.  If nothing else you should get a laugh?!  Fingers goes:
1.  Avoid Trends, especially when packing space is limited.  Back in the '06 Gauchos were really trendy.  I actually brought two pairs with me thinking I could "dress" them up.  Number 1 could also be never wear gauchos.  What the eff was I thinking?!
2.  Consider lack of laundry opportunities when putting together outfits.  When it's been a while, you will end up with nothing clean left besides brown and black or teal and forest green.
3.  Temperature changes...don't just think about what coordinates within the temperature range your expecting to be out in public in but also how warmer and cooler options go together.  Otherwise you end up with hodgepodge outfits just to stay warm.
4.  Green hats.  They apparently match with next to nothing.
5.  Oy with the gauchos, also polos and crop sweat pants. Just don't.
7.  Crop wet suits...not flattering...just embrace it.
8.  Check weather trends more closely.  Otherwise you will look like Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story when you have to pile everything you own on.
9.  Basketball shorts...great for working out and for hanging around camp...not really ok for days of sightseeing.
10.  Embrace all of the awesome moments that your adventure brings, like when you're given ice talons, boots, and told to tuck your pants into your socks.  I mean, when else are you going to get to do that except when you're climbing a glacier?! Epic.
Not everything I brought and wore made me look like a total spaz, thankfully.  Still not some of my proudest moments but the times things didn't turn out so badly I learned a few things too:
1.  When space is limited stick to solid colors, they are easier to match.  The more neutral the better.
2.  Bring a few tops that you can dress up and dress down.
3.  Bring one skirt.  That way at least a few of the times you go out to nicer places, you can match neutrals to that skirt and feel more...civilized?!
4.  Try to pack tops that are lightweight, layerable, and can easily be layered.
5.  When it comes to packing bottoms, stick to things like jeans and other neutral and brown can be hard to mix and match.  
I will say, since this trip I have fallen in love with camping and embrace getting away from my usual routine of girly skirts and dresses.  I still find it tough to pack lightly for trips because I do love getting dressed and more importantly I adore layering but after a month of living out of a backpack, you start to be more conscious of what you're putting in your bag and packing for the unexpected.

Hopefully this look at my adventures in backpacking and what I've learned not to do will help you in packing for a future trip or at least gave you a good laugh.

I hope this hasn't been style blogger suicide and that you'll come check out my blog A Little Slice of Special sometime!

XO Lori

PS A big giant thanks to Miss Erin for letting me guest post while she gets to go be awesome in Europe!!!!


  1. Lori! You're adorable! Now I know how to dress for camping AND not to ever wear gauchos. Also I find it immensely satisfying to look at cringe-worthy photos of myself wearing such things as my Jack Skellington t-shirt from Hot Topic (!!!) because at least I know that I'll never do that again....

  2. I love this post from Lori! Very good tips indeed - and very fun to see the Australia photos!!