Monday, May 13, 2013

Vacation Guest Post - Two Birds

While I'm away in Europe, I've lined up some lovely ladies to write posts for all of you! Today we have a guest post from Megan and Nora of Two Birds. I know both of these lovely ladies in real life and I am proud to call both of them friends. Enjoy their post and pop by their blog here and say hi!

hi there! we're megan and nora of two birds. we are happy to write a little post for erin while she is on her amazing trip! while we are not huge jet setters, we have had a few chances to take some amazing trips, so we thought we'd offer our most sage advice on traveling.
1. if your boyfriend's favorite movie is moulin rouge, go to moulin rouge...even if it takes you seven buses and miles of walking to find it. never mind that you decided to wear your cutest heeled boots while in france, keep walking cause it's his favorite movie. you can question why moulin rouge is his favorite movie later, for now, just take a photo.
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2. always wear comfortable shoes. seriously, do it. i didn't and i paid the price. i wore 4" heels almost every day. and there were days that we walked miles and miles of cobblestone streets. and honestly, when i go back to europe, i will most likely do it again. call me stupid, but i like me some heels.
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3. when in rome, eat some good italian food. but also, eat some indian food. i ate both, and i have to tell you, it was the best indian food i have ever tasted.
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4. visit all the popular landmarks, but also just walk around and enjoy yourself. don't try to fit too much into your vacation, you don't want it to feel like work. so walk around, snap some photos and have a glass of wine. that's what it's all about!
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we hope you're having a blast erin. take lots of pictures and drink lots of wine!!!

two birds

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