Thursday, August 8, 2013

16 Things

I was just reading Amanda's blog and thought I would take a bit of a break from posting travel photos to share a few things on the blog today that you might not know about me!

1// My natural hair color is a dark blonde, not red. A lot of people are surprised by this fact!
2// I am not a morning person at all and my ideal waking up time is about 9:30 or 10.
3// I have an older brother and a younger sister. I am the epitome of a middle child and have a lot of personality traits that are the complete opposite of both of them. I think my little brain went to the extreme of my sister's personality to survive :)

4// My sister and I did NOT get along when we were younger (see above) but now I'm glad to count her among my friends!
5// I am a total introvert. There, I said it. I recently read this blogpost from Elizabeth which resonated with me and then saw this hilarious post on Buzzfeed. I don't normally like to define myself as an introvert because it makes me feel antisocial and loser-ish. I'm coming around to accepting that part of my personality and rolling with it! Not everyone is the life of the party and that's ok :)
6// I love dance parties. I used to have them with friends all the time in college and I miss them. I don't need any drinks to hit the floor. Anyone want to come over and have one?
7// I'm a total anglophile. I admit it. 2/3 of the shows I watch are from the BBC and I wish I lived in the UK. I studied abroad in Scotland which only fueled the flames...

8// I am not a fan of summer. There, I said it. I love being outdoors but I hate the hot, humid weather. Give me a cooler day where I can  wear jeans. Is it fall yet?
9// I try not to let them get to me but I have a lot of pet peeves. I won't bore you with all of them but number one is probably hearing people eat. There is a quiet way to eat and an annoying way...
10// I don't like vegetables. I'm trying to learn to like them but it's really hard! I went to the farmer's market on Wednesday and bought peppers, zucchini and cucumbers. Slowly but surely.
11// You are going to think I'm weird but I like to eat things in even numbers. I will either eat 2 or 4 oreos but not 3. I don't freak out if this doesn't happen but I prefer if it doesn't.
12// I love cheese. Enough said.
13// My mom is 5'1", my sister is 5'2" (ish) and at 5'5", I was the tallest one in my family other than my dad for a long time until my brother grew taller than me when he was in high school.

14// I am a doctor of audiology and work for a hearing aid company. It makes my day to day outfits very casual and boring...
15// I hate voicemails. If you are my friend, don't leave one. Send me a text.
16// My favorite color is green but I own very few green items of clothing. Guess I better work on that.

Anything else you want to know, just ask! I can't think of anything else :)


  1. #11, you're not alone (or I amnot alone!!!). I like to eat things in even numbers as well.
    #12 Surdyks is a money pit and I try to avoid the place. I am currently addicted to marieke aged gouda. Mmmm I think I may go tonight.
    #6 I dance around at work constantly. My coworkers think it's normal behavior now.

  2. Glad I'm not the only even eater out there! Everyone I know thinks it's so strange. Try working part time at Surdyk's. It takes all of my willpower to not buy everything in the store when I work...

  3. I love cheese too. And shows from the BBC - what is your favorite? And I miss dance parties too. I'm not a good dancer but I like to get down every now and again!

  4. Flip the sibling order!

  5. Salvaged StrawberryAugust 9, 2013 at 7:48 AM

    ERIN! First of all - you look amazing as a blonde - who knew? I also read that buzzfeed list on introverts and I almost died - so me. Did you know I hate odd numbers? When I am pricing for the sale, I only price things in even numbers. How weird is that? I feel like odd numbers aren't as nice - all pointy and grr. :) I hope you have a great weekend! Nice to learn some more about you, doll!

  6. I just watched Ripper Street... LOVED it! I also like Inspector Lewis but I watched all of those episodes already. Any other suggestions?

  7. We like a lot of the comedies - the IT Crowd is my favorite and also Spaced is a good one. They're both a little older now but I think you can find them on Netflix.

  8. Oh, I would not have any willpower if I worked there. I'll make sure to say hi if I see you in there.