Monday, August 26, 2013

South of France - Villefranche Sur Mer

The next day we were in the south of France was my 30th birthday! We were only going to head to Monaco that day but I had listened to a Rick Steves podcast (this is a free app, so awesome) that had talked about Villefranche Sur Mer. It was described as a little fishing village with lots of charm so I knew we had to stop! Since it was on the way to Monaco, we woke up early and stopped there first. I am SO glad we did. This is the kind of place we were looking for. It had tons of charm and seemed like a place where real people live unlike other towns such as Cannes or Monaco. If you ever find yourself in the south of France, be sure to stop in Villefranche!

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I'll be back with Monaco soon!


  1. This town looks so lovely! I like your dress, too!

  2. Rick Steves gives the best advice for travelling! Looks like it was beautiful there!

  3. Thanks! I got it when I was in Amsterdam so I had to wear it on my birthday!

  4. He totally does! It was a really great spot. I wish we had spent more time there!