Friday, August 23, 2013

South of France - Nice

We hopped on another regional train and took another long ride down to Nice. I had already been to the South of France before and wasn't super keen to go back. I'm not really a ritzy beach kind of gal. However, we ended up having a nice time! The first day we were there, we stumbled upon a local market. So many gorgeous and good smelling foods. There were tons of flowers, vegetables, fruits and even a whole booth of just flavored sugars. If I was not carrying a backpack around for another 2 weeks after this, I would have definitely picked up some things. I did buy some herbs de Provence for my parents. I know the spices can be found anywhere (marjoram, thyme, savory, basilrosemary,sage, and fennel) but it was in a cute little bag so I couldn't resist. However, some of my clothes smelled like herbs for the rest of the trip :)

Europetrip 725

Europetrip 729  Europetrip 722

Europetrip 718

Europetrip 727

Europetrip 724

Europetrip 731  Europetrip 732

Europetrip 733   Europetrip 734

Europetrip 736

Europetrip 739  Europetrip 743

Europetrip 744

Europetrip 748

nice market

Europetrip 719

Stayed tuned for the other part of Southern France soon! 


  1. Great pictures!

  2. The colors are SO vibrant! Looks amazing!!

    PS - it was good to see you this weekend!