Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paris Part Deux

Back to my trip. I can' believe how long it is taking me to get all of these posts up. Sorry about that! Just thinking of editing like 1000 more photos makes me want to cry. Maybe I will get back to posting regular things and just sprinkle trip pictures in between. What say you?

One of the days, we started off by taking the Metro over to Sacre Cour. I was surprised by how much my friend didn't like the area. Yes, there are pushy people trying to sell you stuff and it isn't the greatest part of town but just ignore them and keep walking. No need to be scared or miss out! It was pretty hazy that morning so the view from up there wasn't that great. However, I saw Amelie for the first time a month or so before this so it made this part of the trip more fun!

Europetrip 605


Europetrip 613

Europetrip 617

Since we were in the area, we also stopped by Moulin Rouge. I wasn't a huge fan of walking there the last time I was in Paris but it didn't seem as grimey as I remembered. My friend wanted to GTFO though so we just took a photo and hopped back on the Metro. 

Europetrip 620

We took the train over to the Trocadero to check out the Eiffel Tower. We waited in a (really really) slow moving line to get up to the top but man are those views worth it! How Parisians ever thought the Eiffel Tower was an eye sore is beyond me! Once we were at the top, we enjoyed some gelato from the food court on the first level. My friend recommended it to me and I was skeptical about how good it could really be but it was delicious!

Europetrip 624

Europetrip 629  Europetrip 636

Europetrip 641

Europetrip 633

eiffel tower gelato

Europetrip 650

Europetrip 662

After the trip to the top, we took some time just to chill in the grass on the other side of the tower. It was nice to just take a breather and sit in the sun for a bit. We had the privilege (not really) of sitting by a wedding party. They looked like a slightly better looking Jersey shore cast... 

Europetrip 674   Europetrip 680

We decided to hop on the Metro again and head over to the Champs Elysees. We got there around 7:30 so most of the shops were closed which was a bummer. The sunset behind the Arc de Triomphe more than made up it. As you can see from the photos below.

Europetrip 685


I think this was the same day, but I could be wrong. haha One of the nights we ate a really delicious dinner at a restaurant by the Trocadero. We wanted to be there so we could see the Eiffel Tower when it "sparkles" We ended up getting a pretty good vantage point by climbing some barriers so we were right in front. We weren't the only ones over there so we felt ok doing it. Oh the things you will do for a great photo!


Europetrip 708

Europetrip 710 bw

Europetrip 710

This is totally out of order but I don't honestly remember what day we went there... We headed over to Rue Cler which was recommended in my Rick Steves Paris book. We wandered down the street and I picked up food from different places for my dinner. I got bread from the patisserie, cheese from the fromagerie and raspberries from this grocer. Those raspberries were the BEST I have had in MY LIFE. No joke. I wish we had done more of this. I'm pretty sure that I had this while we were waiting for the sun to go down by the Eiffel Tower. Then I somehow managed to have that steak frites too... It all blurs together at this point but I highly recommend doing lunch or dinner by wandering down a street or through a market. So much more fun than ordering off a menu!

428451_10100885106271915_2122987328_n  247013_10100885108267915_1748345293_n


  1. I'm really loving seeing all your trip pictures, I look forward to seeing the rest someday when editing them doesn't seem so horrible haha

  2. More amazing photos Erin! And I say if you need an editing break, go ahead and sprinkle in other posts, nothing wrong with that!!

  3. omg, that shot of your raspberries & fromage is killing me. I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

  4. Oh man, sorry to rub it in but it was so delicious! GO!! You can be so extravagant in Paris or eat for so cheap. It's so great that way!

  5. Thanks Beth! The hardest part is only picking a couple to post :)

  6. Thanks Amy! I appreciate it. I'll just keep it up a little at a time and hopefully I'll make it through :)

  7. I love the title of your blog! What is more amazing than Paris?

    x The Pretty Secrets

  8. And the photos are getting better and better. VERY NICE.