Friday, January 6, 2012

Trip Time!

Hi all! Just a quick post because I'm off to Vegas in the morning for work. I'm hoping to squeeze in some time for debauchery though so don't you worry.  I just tossed this little number together for a trip to American Apparel to use my groupon and an impromptu visit with Alli and her husband, Alex. It was nice to hang out with them one-on-one instead of the normal group setting that we are usually in. Also, her hair is brown now! Such a change! I think it looks just as cute as the blonde.  Funny story, I was leaving Target which I had to stop at on the way home because I was out of toilet paper. Not a good situation to be in. I'm carrying in all my bags, look down and realize that all of the buttons on this shirt are unbuttoned. Hmm. Good thing I was wearing a tank top underneath. The one thing I'm wondering is, did the checkout lady at Target or any other Target patrons see me all unbuttoned? Or, did it happen when I was carrying all my bags inside. Luckily, this shirt comes with a big bow so I think it covered everything up for the most part. Oh  well, just another day in my embarrassing life.

Anywho, check yourself before you wreck yourself. I'll be home and back at it on Wednesday (on which day I'm also going on a date! So, any outfit recommendations would be appreciated) :)





Outfit Details:
Skirt, shirt - thrifted
Tights, shoes, jacket - Target
Earrings - I can't remember but they have their own bigger whale that holds them. So cute!


  1. oranges_and_applesJanuary 7, 2012 at 1:56 AM

    I love the blouse! have a great weekend!

  2. That blouse is darling!!  Have a good trip!

  3. You look adorable. So hilarious that all your buttons came undone! Good thing you were wearing a tank! That happened to me one time at work and I was not so lucky. And NO ONE told me. They all just laughed and waited for me to notice. Yes, the people I work with are mean. And mostly men. So, there you go. Have fun in Vegas! And on your date!!! We need to hang out soon. It has been way too long!

  4. I loooooove this outfit! The darling blouse with the badass jacket are such a great combo.

    I too have had many button mishaps, although I'm not usually lucky enough to be wearing a tank top underneath.....

  5. i adore that top! and i really love the name of your blog :) CUTE. i'd love to follow each other if you enjoy my blog as well! have a great day :)

  6. aw, i love the earrings. you NEED to take a picture of the big whale that holds them for me. sounds so darn adorable :) pssst, i'm your newest follower. looking forward to your vegas pics! :)

  7. girlnextdoorfashionJanuary 21, 2012 at 5:21 AM

    I absolutely love this outfit! I just found your blog after a comment you left on Sian's blog (Rebel Angel). I read you're from MN! I'm from England but I spent my year abroad in Minnesota (in Duluth) and it's my absolute favourite place in the world, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi!

    Charlotte x

  8. I absolutely love this outfit! And I dont think I would like it quite as much without the leather jacket, it just adds the right amount of edge, dont you think?? LOVE. Thanks for stopping by our place and chatting Erin! I agree that it was kind of fun instead of our usual happy-hour setting where our attentions are divided amongst other people. AND THANK YOU, I am so glad you like my new brown hairs! It was like, the day after I dyed it when you came over. NOT EVEN BLOGGED YET.