Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegas Day One

Just a couple of pictures from my first night in Vegas.  I'm wearing a dress I got at the Vintage Sale at the State Fair and earrings from Target. We went to a work party on the roof deck of the Cosmopolitan which was really fun. I don't like country so it didn't matter to me but Rascal Flatts was playing. Free drinks were flowing and good times were had by all!

Vegas 01.12 002

Vegas 01.12 003

Vegas 01.12a

Vegas 01.12b

Vegas 01.12 010

Vegas 01.12 022



  1. I that giant red stiletto also a CHAIR? I must find this for my living room - I've been on the lookout for a tasteful recliner.

  2. That is a big shoe!  Vegas sounds like fun, especially since it was probably a lot nicer there than in MN.

  3. i love this dress on you! and come on, we all know you're a secret rascall flats fan!

  4. Beautiful dress, Erin! I am so glad you got that one, for sure.