Thursday, August 16, 2012

DC trip - Family

The first night I got to DC, I went right to dinner with my whole family plus my aunt, uncle and cousin that live in Richmond, VA. It was a great night spent catching up and sitting in the AC. After that, we went back to my sister and brother in law's to hang with Charlotte.  I'm trying to accumulate pictures of my family with Charlotte as a surprise for Christmas :)

DC trip 002
BIL-Rob, sister-Kate, aunt-Myra and my mom-Linda

DC trip 003
Daddio-Bob, uncle-Dan (dad's bro), cousin-Nick and brother-Dan

DC trip 006
Rob, Kate, Dan, me and Charlotte's head

DC trip 008
Mom and Dad :)

DC trip 015

DC trip 039

DC trip 033
Grandpa (he hate being called that, so funny)

DC trip 045
Little Charlotte, big drool

More pictures to come tomorrow!

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