Thursday, August 23, 2012

DC Trip - First Lady

One last picture overload from DC. Since this is a lifestyle AND fashion blog, I thought I would share some stuff on the fashion part.  One of my favorite things in the American History museum was the room all about the First Ladies.  I couldn't believe how many of the inaugural ball gowns they actually had there. Sorry that most of them were blurry. It was pretty dim lighting in there so it was hard to get a good shot. Also, I wish I had gotten the names of the different FL's when I was taking the photo. I guess you will just have to look at the style and try to guess who's it was :)

DC trip 180
I'm sure you all know who's this is!

DC trip 181
I want to say this is Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Nixon...

DC trip 183

DC trip 186

DC trip 184

DC trip 185
I think this is Mrs. Lincoln's!

DC trip 196
I wish this wasn't so blurry, the beading was incredible.

DC trip 188
That's 1920s dress!

DC trip 189 DC trip 190
Blurry again which is a bummer!

DC trip 193
This yellow one was Jackie Kennedy's!

I hope you enjoyed my DC posts! I'll be back to regular programming tomorrow :)


  1. These are amazing! I love that they are so well preserved!

  2. oranges_and_applesAugust 23, 2012 at 1:49 PM

    that museum looks amazing! I love looking at old fancy clothes!

  3. They were so much cooler in person. People took so much more care and put so much more effort in back then. I wish it was still like that!

  4. I know! Can you believe how far back some of them go? I mean Mrs Lincoln's dress?!