Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post: Megan of Two Birds

You guys, I'm so happy to introduce my friend Megan from Two Birds. I'm sure you read the blog she writes with her sister, Nora and if you don't, go check it out here! She is SO nice, a great thrifting partner, shopping enabler and all around good person. Plus she has great style which is always a plus in a friend. She is even letting me take her engagement pictures which I can't wait to do! Without further ado, here she is!

Hello all! my name is Megan and i am one-half of two birds...well technically, I am one-third, as my sister's baby boy is due any day now! i was delighted that Erin asked me to guest post. She said i could write about anything I want, and she probably assumed i would talk about the wonders of coconut oil. But, anyone who knows me, and even a few people who don't, have already heard me drone on and on about it, so i won't today*. Instead, I want to talk about travel. more specifically, what I would choose to wear when I travel.
I went on a beautiful european vacation for two weeks about six years ago. I wanted to be very chic and fancy, and I ended up bringing a whole suitcase full of boots and shoes (this was before you had to pay for extra suitcases). the other suitcase was filled to the brim with pretty dresses and trenchcoats and fun scarves (and of course we were late for every bus/plane/boat we needed to catch. Bless my sweet Chris for running with three suitcases to each vehicle). I wanted to fit in, and I did, to a point. the only issue is that most europeans don't walk around for hours and hours in heels. But I did, and I paid the price. As much as my feet hurt every day, I loved every minute of it.
It was a bit chilly when I went, so i wasn't able to wear all the pretty dresses that I brought. so I thought I'd compile a few pictures of the dresses i would love to wear on a nice warm day in...





Of course the majority of these heels would not even be possible on some of the old cobblestone streets...but I would still try!!

Thanks for letting me guest post, Erin! Have fun in DC and take lots of pictures!!
megan bird

*if you want to read my love of coconut oil, check it out herehere, or here. i told you, i'm a freak about the stuff!

Thanks again to Megan for the great post! I hope this inspires all of you to be a bit more chic in your travel wardrobe :)

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  1. Fun post! I would love to do more traveling, so if I do, Megan, you can pack for me!