Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DC Trip - Outfit

You guys, DC is HOT! I used to live in Baltimore and I remember it being hot there.  However, my brain seemed to forget the oppressive heat and HUMIDITY of this city! MN is humid and hot in the summer but it seemed even worse in DC. Maybe because I was actually trying to go out and do things on my trip.  This is my long winded explanation of why am so sweaty and fake smile-y in this picture. I really just wanted to be back the AC. This particular day, my brother Dan and I ventured off on our own to see a couple of museums.  I'm still wading through all of those pictures (anyone know how to make a collage?) so I'll leave you with what I was wearing instead.

Also, this dress is from a really cute local boutique called Primp. They don't sell online yet but if you are in the Twin Cities, go check them out! The 2 or 3 times I've been there, I've found super cute items at a reasonable price.  Plus, they are higher quality than say Forever 21.  The women at the shop have also been helpful and really nice when I mentioned I wanted to take pictures of their store for my blog. I have a thought to start a feature on here about cute local shops.  Would that be interesting to you?

DC trip 137

DC trip 139

Outfit Details:
Dress, belt - Primp
Flip flops - Havianas (the sandals I brought broke the day before and all I had left was these. Boo.)
Purse - Target (a bargain at $8.98!)
Sweaty hair, red face, sweaty everything - DC humidity

*Photos by my brother


  1. As a local gal, I'd love to see more local shops! I want to shop more local. And I love this dress, I haven't been into Primp yet but it's on my list. Let me know when you go next and I'll tag along!

  2. I heart this dress!!!!! You look adorbs and I am still super jealous you got to go to dc, I'm a poli sci/policy wonk and I've never been, its kind of a tragedy.