Monday, April 18, 2011

Erin and Ace

So, there is a contest going on at the fabulous blog Morgan and Lua. What you are supposed to do is take your favorite things about her blog and her style and imitate them in your own post. Morgan has a very enviable way of putting outfits together that look both cool and effortless. Very hard to do in my opinion. I wish we knew each other because she seems like the kind of person I would love to have in my life: kind, honest and smart. I love how personal and introspective her blog is which makes you feel like you know her. Plus, she has a super well behaved dog and that makes me really jealous :)

So, this is my attempt at a Morgan-esque post.
Scenes from my weekend part 84. Ace and I decided to head down to the river today because we missed the water and needed to get away. Isn't it nice to feel the breeze off the water and how its steady flow is so calming? We somehow ended up near the ocean so we could feel the breeze there too. Minneapolis is so close to the ocean, it's nice to get over there every once in awhile. My parents have a place up there so we took the chance to get away from the city!
wave crashing close up

Winter 08-09 218
After the ocean, we headed back to the river to take some more pictures. Lately, I've been feeling really unsure about things in my life that should be the things that I'm the most sure about. I'm not sure that I want to keep living in Minneapolis. I love being near my parents but I'm overcome with my wanderlust spirit that makes me want to pick up and go somewhere else. I would love to live in Britain again or somewhere in the US that is similar like Maine or Washington. I miss the fun I had there but most of all I miss the feeling I had of belonging. As soon as I got off the plane, I felt like I was in the right place and that this is where I should be. I've never felt that about any other place I've lived. I think it doesn't help that I don't have a lot of friends and I really don't like my job right now. Not to say that I hate living here or I hate the people that are here. I really don't. I love that my parents, my cousin and her husband, as well as my boyfriend and his family are all really close by. However, I have that longing in the back of my mind to go out and try something new and not rely on what's comfortable.
I think one of my goals is to make the most out of living here this summer. Shawn and I are thinking about getting scooters which will make exploring the city that much easier. I want to go to festivals, block parties and all that good stuff. I will try to make the most out of where I live because I really do love my neighborhood. I also thinking having this blog will really help. I'm going to try to show how great Minneapolis and St. Paul are for all the people who think the only worthwhile city in the Midwest is Chicago. This will force me to find fun and exciting things to document on the blog and be proud of where I live.
The day was so nice and sunny, we decided to head over to the railroad tracks because we had taken pictures here before that had turned out great. These tracks are really old and scary because they are right over the river with big gaps between the wood.
Target sunglasses, Chambray shirt thrifted (originally Gap), green cords from the Loft, boots thrifted, necklaces from Forever 21 and Target.
Then, we headed over to the state fair because it our favorite place for snacks. Even though it usually open only around Labor Day, we were happy that they opened it just for us. We had to get some cheese curds! They are my ultimate favorite Minnesota treat.
state fair 09 071
All in all, it was a very magical and special day. A quick trip to the river, then the ocean and over to the state fair all in the same day was tiring but worth it. Plus, I was rewarded with this smile so I knew all the running around didn't matter :)
summer 025

Hope you like my attempt at your blog, Morgan!!

There is still time to enter the giveaway here! PS. Parts of this post are serious and parts are (obviously) made up and just for the sake of the post. Since Morgan always writes something personal on her blog, I wanted to try that too.

All photos of my are by Shawn. He is so much better than a tripod! Thanks schweetie!


  1. Wait... you got State Fair cheese curds in April??? How is that possible? My mouth is watering from just looking at that photo!
    And yes, definitely stay here! Winter can get the best of us but Spring, Summer and Fall are SO amazing!

  2. Winter here gets really tiring, but you can't beat summer in the Twin Cities. I think we have extra fun to make up for all the cold.

  3. Well, she always has food in her posts so I thought I should put the most MN food I had a picture of :) I want them so badly now too!

  4. I will have to have extra fun this summer. I'm not going anywhere, I just get that feeling to move every once in a while :)

  5. This is such a great post Erin! I wasn't sure where the Morgan imitation stopped and the Erin sharing began! Great idea to throw in a few ocean pictures as well. Chambray, olive, chunky long on Erin.

    I love that you decided to share more than usual too. As far as work and sounds like you're going through a lot of changes and the only thing that will really help is taking the time to be by yourself and figure it out. I feel like everyone our age is going through these major life changes, and we're all so conflicted about them!

    Ace is so cute!!! He's such a looker and absolutely photogenic. I have a feeling he and Lua would be great buddies. It sounds like you three had a great weekend in town!! Thanks so much for entering!!

  6. Glad you liked it! I was hoping I didn't make a fool out of myself! I've decided to really enjoy Minneapolis and take some much needed trips. All will come out in the wash :)
    Ace gets approached all the time and actually did some modeling! I think he would get along great with Lua too! I will be in your neck of the woods in October but Ace doesn't get to come with :(

    Thanks again and I can't wait to see the post with all the entries!

  7. Love that denim cowboy shirt! I found one a few weeks ago and have been wearing it all the time! Very cute!

  8. OK, now all I can do is think about cheese curds!!! Yum yum.

  9. I know, I can't wait for the fair. There is really no comparing fair curds to other ones. I may need to go somewhere and get some though. I don't know where you live but I know a good place in Minneapolis to get them now!

  10. Thanks! I wish it was a bit longer but I really like how comfy it is!

  11. I'm in Iowa (Des Moines). The Iowa State Fair doesn't start until I'm not sure what I'm going to do! ;)