Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picking it up and then I put it back down

Just wanted to share with you all a really fun part of my weekend. My friend from grade school and I reconnected recently and she invited me to go with her picking. Anyone see the show American Pickers? I totally thought it was going to be like that but I was pleasantly surprised. I was already to go digging in the dirt for hidden treasures but instead there were clean, nicely laid out stores with tons of treasures. Too many but I did narrow it down to a couple (well a bunch) of really cool things. I have been looking everywhere for a cute bedside table and I found one in the second store! Plus I got a globe and some other cool things. Here are some of the stuff I found plus a couple of iPhone pics of some ideas I want to steal :)

Using a ladder to hang stuff? Genius!

Divider made out of old doors, so cool

Super cool store.

My new bedside table, already in use :)

My new globe!


Outfit Details:
Plaid shirt - Thrifted
Grey shirt - H&M
Jeans -Target
Boots - Thrifted


  1. I love picking! Where are these stores?
    Have you ever scoured alleyways for some straight up garbage picking!? Sometimes I cannot believe what I find!


  2. They are in Buffalo, MN and the happen about once a month. I have never been garbage picking though!