Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration Monday er Tuesday

So, Two Birds proposed that we take inspiration from celebrities or other well dressed people and try to recreate the look. The first is from the ever cool, Alexa Chung. She has such a great style. If only I had her access to great items! I was totally in love with this look and was really wishing I had that exact skirt. Mission either find or make a similar one. :)

Here is the inspiration:

So cute, right??

So, what I took from it was 1) cardigan preferably dark, 2) graphic tee, 3) fuller skirt in a similar color palate to the cardigan.
I really wanted to try this with a patterned skirt but nothing I had looked right today. So, here's my interpretation!



Outfit Details:
Cardigan -Old Navy
Tshirt -Only the best band ever! The Academy is... bought at a concert as all band t's should.
Skirt - I want to say Metropark
Earrings -gift from my mama

Look ma, no tights!


  1. Nice interpretation! Oh and they are my brother's all-time favorite band :) And yes, all band t-shirts must be purchased at the concert, to qualify as cool!

  2. show off those hot legs!! i love your interpretations!

  3. Glad you think so too! I feel like a poser if I haven't seen them live :)

  4. Aww thanks! They are pretty blindingly white but since I was indoors, I ditched the tights.

  5. Hey, I like your take on the challenge. Nice tee. I didn't have a polka dot skirt either so I went with a polka dot top. It's nice to find another thrifter!

  6. Let me just say - I love The Academy Is...! It's been far too long since I've listened to them. Thanks for giving me some nostalgia!

    Come check out my interpretation of Alexa's look!