Thursday, March 3, 2011

18 Outfits and Counting...

I'm almost to 20! I WILL finish this. You may see a post of about 10 outfits haha. Not much to talk about today so just see my 2 boring pictures :) I realized that I never get pictures of my feet because I don't want to stand further back and get more of my messy place in the background. Today it was my little brown moccasins. I actually wore this to work today! I know, I know. It was like static central though and super annoying but at least I looked somewhat cute.

I just realized you can totally see Ace's butt while he's eating dinner in the background. haha


That's all folks!

Oh and thanks for the nice comments on my jewelry in the last couple of posts! I will totally take some pictures and giveaway one of my pieces to one of you sweeties!


  1. Hello, just found your blog and I am loving your beautiful jewelery & adorable outfits, love the vintage feel. xx veronika

  2. LOVE the purple button up! Great outfit!

  3. Thanks so much for the compliments! I stopped by your blog and love your style too!

  4. Thanks! I love this shirt because it doesn't button down all the way so it makes it really comfy!

  5. The purple button up is cute, and I am laughing at the accidental dog butt.