Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday!

Ugh sorry everyone. I haven't posted in a week! My (lame) excuse is that temperatures plummeted this week and it snowed a ton. Yesterday morning it was 14. 14?! This is the END of MARCH. Mother Nature is a cruel bitch. So, hopefully it warms up and I can wear some of my spring stuff!

Has anyone had a transition in style recently? I feel like all of my spring stuff is not my style anymore and I really need to get rid of most of it. I hate that feeling. I need someone to come in and tell me what pieces would work in my wardrobe and loan me some money. I did head over to Savers the other day thanks to Beth and her awesome post here. I wish I had her eye for what works and what would look too ugly/crazy/old lady. However, I did keep a lot of her tips in mind and I think I did pretty well. The Savers that's closest to me just had a total redesign and is now nice and open and organized. No longer the scary thrift store of my youth :) So, I tried on about 30 things and only came out with about 6. Due to a) not fitting and b) a little overpriced for my taste. I did score a bunch of things that I'm excited about and might go back to get one shirt I'm still thinking about. I will for sure show you my scores in another post. Probably tomorrow :)

Here is a shawl I got a couple of weeks ago. I have NO idea how I will wear it but I really liked it. Even the cashier told me it was pretty. EPIC WIN! I think it will be a nice spring cover up to wear with dresses and skirts. I have to figure out how to wear it and not look like a hippie. Any suggestions?

crocheted shawl

crocheted shawl close

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  1. Bad weather is a good excuse not to blog. I have only been to the Richfield Savers lately since it is near my office, and it is pretty unimpressive, unfortunately.