Monday, March 7, 2011

I am ready to be done...

I am in a bad mood today. My eye decided it wanted to feel like there was hot ashes in it all day. I fell when I tried to get in the shower tonight. My reward for being good and going to the gym. I got a huge papercut at work trying to be nice and refill the printer. I feel like this guy...
I loved this book when I was little and when I called my mom, she totally knew what I was talking about. It feels good to be understood sometimes. :)

So, here is my outfit from today. I am totally cheating tomorrow and posting my polka dot outfit for EBEW. That's right, I'm cheating. Well, not technically because I did wear a lot more outfits than I took pictures of. I will catch up with the other 8 outfits this week, I promise.



I tried to get a picture of my accessories. That's right accessorieS! Plural!

Earrings: Patina
Scarf: I want to say Old Navy

1 comment:

  1. Oh, crappy Monday for sure! Hope tuesday treats you better :)

    I love your skirt!