Friday, March 18, 2011

New hair!

I had the day off today and it was awesome. I slept in, Ace and I went for a run (that went terrible), then I went and got a haircut! Yay! It's been like 6 or more months at least since the last time I went. My hairdresser was super awesome and it was the most fun haircut I've had in a long time. I go to the Aveda Institue so you get students who cut your hair. It is really nice to have a person who is really excited about what they are doing cutting your hair. Plus, they have instructors that have to approve the color and cut and they check the cut before you leave. I've never had a bad cut before and it is so inexpensive. Haircut and all over color was like 50 bucks.

Anywho, this is what I wore today to get my haircut. I had planned on taking pictures by the tracks today but I didn't get home from my haircut until 10 minutes before the dog trainer was supposed to come. So, I snapped some quick pictures in my place before she got there.


Outfit Details:
Dress - Lohemans
Tights - Target
Boots - Thrifted
Necklace - handmade (sort of)

I made this necklace, kind of. It is a charm that I bought on Etsy and then I just put a chain on it. So, it's handmade. :) It's a little stag or something with kind of this jointed blob body. I like it! It came with 2 identical charms so I was thinking of giving the other one away. Why do I need 2 necklaces that are exactly the same? Would anyone be interested? I also am planning on doing a giveaway of one of my own necklaces or rings too.

New hair close up!


  1. I love this outfit! The dotted dress looks really great with the striped cardi! And your hair have such a perfect colour!

    I'd definitely be interested as I've had my eye on this necklace for a while ;) xx

  2. Your hair is super cute!!

  3. your hair looks fantastic! i love the color. i dream of being a redhead! and you should for sure do a giveaway. i love your necklaces.

  4. that necklace is adorable. as is your new haircut.

  5. I just found your blog and you are adorable!! I love your hair, and your style, and you're so pretty. Looking forward to more!! :)


  6. Love the pattern mixing. It's a little big 'Nautical Minnie'. :)

  7. *bit. Ugh. I'm the typo queen today.

  8. I knew what you meant :) I guess it does kind of look like a Minnie dress.

  9. Aww you are too sweet! Glad you found me!

  10. Love the doo! I just gave myself bangs today YIKES! I ended up pulling the bangs up with bobby pins because I am so used to having my bangs the same length as my hair. Plan to reveal on my blog soon. Love your blog. I thrift,currently have a dog trainer coming to my house and love fashion too...

  11. I love that deer necklace, it is so cool! Love your hair too! Such a pretty red head!

  12. You are so adorable! I love the red polka dot dress so much. and it is paired so nicely with the stripped sweater is so lovely. xoxo Jenny from

  13. I will totally do a giveaway for the other then :) Maybe you will win!

  14. Thanks! The dots are actually little diamonds. It is pretty much my favorite dress :)

  15. Love this necklace!  Following you on Twitter :o)