Saturday, March 5, 2011

Black shirt 3 Ways

So, I liked the idea of styling the same item a couple times in a row. I think it really shows it's versatility and shows how easy it is to use a couple of the same items for different occasions.

Here is my black H&M t-shirt. I love this thing! For the first outfit, I really wanted to wear this black skirt again. It is really light and flowy but I have a hard time figuring out how to wear it. I found a black slip at the thrift store which makes this skirt a lot easier to wear. When I tucked stuff into the skirt by itself, you could totally see it! Now, I can tuck it in to the slip and everything works! The second outfit is a similar concept but a different result. Still a black t-shirt and scarf but totally changes the feeling when paired with my grey skinnies and a more rockin' scarf. The third outfit is that green maxi skirt again! It is really comfy but still stylish. I paired it with my huge necklace that I rarely wear. I am finding out that I really suck at accessorizing. Sorry, I am totally sucking at getting pictures of my feet! Today seemed like an omen of things to come because there is blue sky and I'm pretty sure it's above freezing. YAY!







Have a great weekend!


  1. The slip is a genius idea! I have a couple shirts with this issue (light & super clingy), and I can't wait to implement it :) Thanks!

    BTW--looking cute!

  2. I always like to wear camis under my light/clingy shirts. Makes me feel more comfortable too. You're welcome for the inspiration!

  3. Fab! Love seeing people rework items.

    BTW, I'm having a vintage dress giveaway on my blog. Feel free to enter!

  4. love them all. that necklace in the last pic is amazing!

  5. That is a seriously wonderful necklace in the last shot. Wow! Where did you get that?

    Lindsay Living

  6. I think I got it at Buffalo Exchange. It was one of their retail items, not a resale. Maybe I'll loan it to you :)