Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 for 30 items

Black dress: J crew thrifted
Olive green skirt: thrifted
Corduroy skirt: thrifted
Light green maxi skirt: thrifted
Black pleated skirt: thrifted
Black jean type skirt: thrifted (sensing a pattern here?)
Jeans: Salt works Lohemans
Grey skinny jeans: Heritage 1981
Purple cords:
Green cardigan:
Black cardigan: It's Our Time (I want to say Nordstroms or Kohls)
Yellow striped cardigan: Old Navy
Grey cardigan: Old Navy
Cream cardigan: Thrifted
Black blazer: Loft
Striped shirt: H&M
Red longsleeved plaid shirt: Thrifted
Short-sleeved plaid shirt: Vintage thrifted
Lace shirt: Thrifted
Chambray shirt: Gap thrifted
Purple gingham shirt: Old Navy
Purple t-shirt: Target (I found out after I bought it that it's maternity... don't tell anyone)
Black t-shirt: H&M
White t-shirt: H&M (yes they are both the same, I also have teal and grey)

Tan boots: Target
Grey boots: Payless
Black flats: Target
Brown moccasins: Target
AWESOMEST black oxfords! gift from Shawn DSW

You finally get a recap of all the items after the fact. I promised I would do it sometime right? :)

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