Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Weekend

I had a super busy weekend. I was running around from one thing to another so I'm using an old set of pictures to tide you over. I leave on Thursday for Baltimore/Philly/DC for a wedding and I am squeezing in a bunch of friend time too. I will try to schedule some posts so you aren't lonely without me :)


Ace really wanted to say hi to you guys


Outfit Details:
Shirt, scarf - H&M old
Cardigan - Old (I keep thinking maybe Nordstroms?)
Skirt - Swap!
Tights, shoes - Target

Have a great week! I want to hear what you all did this weekend. Maybe some of you did nothing. Yeah, I want to hear about that :)


  1. I spent the weekend trying to coax this baby girl to come out of my belly!!
    ps. LOVE the floral print of that skirt.

  2. Hey, that skirt looks familiar! I love it on you!

  3. oooh, that skirt is so pretty! i love the floral print and the bright colors. it looks great on you!

  4. Oh awesome! I'm glad you put it up for swapping :)

  5. She still isn't here yet?! Tell her I said hurry up and come out so I can see pictures :)

  6. Thanks! It is super comfy so you'll probably see it again...

  7. Gosh sounds like you have been a busy lady! Your upcoming trip sounds like a blast. Enjoy :)

  8. I was wondering who Erin got it from!!!

    Erin - it looks super cute on you, great styling!

  9. Lovely skirt! I watched the rugby world cup final this weekend, and had a lot of food!