Thursday, October 13, 2011


I got a haircut on Friday before my reunion and it turned out really cute! I can't wait to show you guys. This picture is from last week and I'm going to pat myself on the back for this one. I really love how this outfit turned out. I, like Emma, was looking for a way to wear a cream pleated skirt. Then this lovely Veronika posted this helpful little inspiration. So, I pinned it for later and finally got around to styling it with my own pieces! So happy it's Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday. I have 2 going away parties, Junk Love on Saturday (come see me!) and Sunday is brunch for our friend who is going to get married in Indonesia and then moving to Canada.





Outfit Details:
Shirt - Target (recent)
Skirt, slip, belt - Thrifted
Tights, shoes- Forever 21


  1. This outfit is perfection IMO...I love the top and accordion skirts rock my socks.  Not gonna lie, I found 3 a the salvation army last weekend for 99 cents each.  I literally did a dance of joy in the aisles.  I'm pretty sure everyone at the Unidale SA thinks I'm crazy.  I'm ok with that...I love crazy good vintage deals and you just can't beat 99 cents!  

  2. love, love, love the skirt. this outfit is adorable!!

  3. You look so ladylike and pretty! Your skirt is amazing :D

  4. i love how you styled this skirt! you look super cute. love the stripes and i am pretty sure i need an accordion pleat skirt. i am excited to see your haircut! sounds like you have a fun and busy weekend planned. jim, mimi and i will be out of town so i can't make it to your sale. sad face. but we should try and hang out sometime soon!

  5. I love the maroon tights with that cream skirt Erin! Nice job! Ill have to remember this.

  6. Oh my gosh the title of your blog is so perfect. I wish I had thought of it. ahahaha. 
    This is so lovely! Cute skirt and shoes.