Thursday, October 6, 2011

TSNW- Green Machine

I just got home from bowling with my coworkers. It was a team bonding thing and I expected it to be really boring. However, I had a ton of fun! Everyone was having a good time and I had a lot of laughs with a new coworker. I could see myself hanging out with her outside of work. I also joined E-harmony the other day. Did I tell you this already? I have contacted a bunch of guys but I'm only emailing with 2 right now. I'm pretty excited about it but I will let you know how it goes. I also get really impatient when they don't write back. I tried to be all suave and wait about 18 hours to write back but maybe I should have left them waiting longer. Oh well. No games. I will just wait until thet write back and assume the wait is because they are so fun that their schedule is packed. :)

The new thing today is my jacket. I'm pretty proud of this thing. I found it at Savers and it's a North Face jacket made out of gortex. I am now waterproof. I've been looking for a green cargo jacket for ages. This isn't really the material I was looking for but I really like it. And, it was a measly 19.99. I bet full price this puppy would have been at least 80-100 bucks. Score!





Outfit Details:
Coat, belt -Thrifted
Dress - Originally H&M, got on Ebay
Boots, leggings - Target
Cardigan, sunnies - old can't remember

PS, I know I need a new belt but this one just goes with everything!

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  1. I REALLY love this outfit, actually. Stripes, boots, army jacket? I'm in love.