Monday, October 3, 2011

Try Something New Week

Inspired by myself and my brand new wreath making skills, I thought I would go crazy and try a couple of other new things. They aren't huge or monumental but small changes to see how I like them.

Today, I tried using an eyebrow powder. Maria gave it to me to try and I thought I would give it a whirl. I think it makes my eyebrows much darker and a little red-er. I'm not 100% sure if I like them but here's to day one of trying something new! Also, I hand knit this scarf! I've been very crafty lately and this was my first time using circular needles. It took a long time but I'm proud of what I made and I know this will keep me nice and warm in the months ahead. I signed up for some community ed classes and it will be keeping me busy! Today is my first aerobics class! Tuesdays are pilates, Wed is French (which I'm really excited about) and Fridays are weight training. I will get fit yet!

Maria asked me at the swap if trains ever go by behind my house. So, here is concrete proof that they do!



Outfit Details:
Cardigan, skirt - thrifted
T-shirt - H&M (old)
Tights - Target?
Shoes - DSW (gift from Shawn)


  1. #1:  Eyebrow powder is amazing.  It's enough without being too much (like a pencil can sometimes be).  I've got the clinque brow box and it's lasted forever and it's really easy to apply and blend.
    #2:  JEalous you're taking french-I've been looking at comm. ed. classes forever but I always end up with a list of like 25, then i can't decide and I put it off.  Darn indecision.  
    #3:  That scarf is magnificent.  I tried making a hat using circular needles once, it's still sitting at the bottom of my knitting box-less than half done.  Awesome job!

  2. wow! you are a busy bee. awesome scarf! my mother in law tried to teach me to knit once and it was a disaster. i spent all this time knitting what could only be called a mustache warmer. i don't even know what happened but i am pretty sure knitting is not for me. i am excited to here about how you like all of your classes.

  3. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleOctober 3, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    Yay for you for trying new things! Your eyebrows look fab. Love the tights too.

  4. I think your eyebrows look great and this outfit is fabulous too!

  5. Love the scarf!

    If you are taking french through community ed in NE minneapolis, I am pretty sure I know your french teacher and you'll have a blast. Maybe we can converse in my native language if I ever bump into you somewhere again.

  6.  Your scarf is cute.  I know how to knit, but I should really learn how to crochet.  I want to try a pilates class sometime.

  7. Thanks! I would love that! I will for sure blog about the class Wed night or Thurs!

  8. I think I will like them a bit more once I get them cleaned up. :)

  9. Thanks! I felt like they were SO dark but looking at the pictures, they aren't as dramatic as they were in the mirror.

  10. Mustache warmers could be the next big thing on Etsy...

  11. Maybe we could have a scarf knitting party. That would be cool right? Right. I will for sure let you all know what I think of the French class. I'm really excited. :)

  12. Yay for trying new things!!!!

  13. I would be all over a scarf knitting party.  Although, sometimes I become enraged while knitting (or to be exact-failing at knitting) and I don't want to scare anyone lol :)  But really, a scarf party sounds like a solidly excellent time!

    I'm really excited to hear about your French class-maybe you can motivate me!  French is soo soo pretty-all I know is German which is fun, but kinda an ugly sounding language!  

  14. The eyebrow powder is awesome, actually. I never would have thought of that, but I think it brings out your eyes!