Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY - Wreath Tutorial

Sorry I've been a bit of a slacker this week with posting. I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how to make your own fall wreath. I am by no means an expert but you get to benefit from my trial and error.

Here is what I used:

wreath tutorial1

-Metal hoop
-Thin but somewhat sturdy wire
-Wire cutters
-Wired ribbon
-Fake leaves
-Fall-ish fake berries and acorns

I found all of this at Joann Fabrics so just wander the wreath section and you can find what you need. There were cool branch wreaths that I'm thinking might be nice to try next time. This metal hoop was only 3 or 4 bucks so I thought I would try that first. I only used 1 bunch of fake leaves for this even though I bought 3. There was plenty left over too so if you wanted to cover your whole metal wreath with leaves and not use ribbon, I think one bunch is enough.

wreath tutortial2

1. I put the dodads on first so I could get the proper placement and spacing that I wanted. The second picture is a close up to show how I attached the acorns etc. I took a length of wire and wrapped it a bunch of different ways until it was secure. This was much easier to do for the berries and acorns because their stems were much thicker.

2. Once the dodads were secure, I tightly wrapped the ribbon around the wreath. Much to my dismay, one spool of ribbon only went halfway around the wreath. So, I improvised and put leaves on the rest of the wreath.

3. This is where it got time consuming and tricky. Like I said before, the leaves were much harder to secure than the dodads. Also, when i was arranging them, I wanted some leaves to be vertical and some horizontal which was hard when I was trying to attach them. Just play around with it and step away from it when you get frustrated. I wanted to throw this thing in the trash about 3 times before it was done.

4. This is the step where you zhuzh. I added leaves into the ribbon at this point so it wouldn't look like 2 different wreaths slapped together. I think holding it up against a wall really gives you an idea of what you want to add and where.

5. Hang on your door and act humble when people ask you where you bought your great wreath. Then you can smirk and say, "Oh this? I made it."

wreath tutorial3


  1. pretty! you should totally make me one since i am far too lazy. just kidding. my mom and sisters and i have wreath making parties every year and i am totally going to impress them now!

  2. Yes! I'm feeling EVERSO crafty these days, and a wreath is on my mental list of things to make. Loving the fall theme, and I'm a big sucker for those berries. Very cute :D:D:D:D