Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Swear I'm NOT Following You

Story time. I'm leaving work today but I had to drop something off in the shipping department first. A lady is leaving down the same hallway that I am. Then she goes down the hallway that leads to the outside door. I'm obviously still behind her because that is the way to get out to my car. She will NOT stop looking over her shoulder at me. Yes, we are going the same way. No, I'm not following you. Then we get to the door and I'm right behind her (sue me, I walk fast). She holds the door for me and then gives me this super awkward look. There is one path to get to the parking lot from the door we walked out of. I'm still behind you lady but I'm not following you. Get it? Jeez. It is some subconscious human reaction to look over your shoulder about every 10 seconds to see if the person behind you is following you? So irritating!!

Anywho. I went with Emma, Allison and Maggie to the Mall of St. Paul the other day to find some treasures. I didn't get anything for myself just a cute little strawberry jar for Amanda. She loved strawberries and just opened an Etsy shop too! Go check it out. Ok, I'm off track. Allison found a cute dress and Maggie got some tins for her wedding. I can't wait to see the pictures to see how she incorporates them! Emma was nice enough to snap some pictures of me in my new favorite dress! The colors are so great together and you know I can't walk away from anything plaid. This was before we all gorged ourselves with burgers at the Nook. I got a jucy lucy-esque burger and it was soo good! Can't wait to hang out with these gals again.




Outfit Details:
Dress and shoes - Rewind Vintage
Pin - Vintage City Classics via Junk Love Sale
Cardigan - Old not sure
Tights - We Love Colors in Maroon

Side note: I asked on Twitter the other day whether I should get new tights in maroon or hunter green. Some people responded back and the consensus was maroon (or both :) but I only got one). I'm sure everyone has heard of We Love Colors but I wanted to give my own review quickly. These are superb tights. Yes, they cost more than my Target tights but not by much. They are very thick and I can tell they will last a while and resist snags better than others I have. I might just have to order myself another pair. :) Plus, I think these will keep me warmer later on in the season when the other, more sheer tights just won't cut it. I've already worn them a second time (no pictures unfortunately) but I can see myself wearing them a lot this fall and early winter.


  1. that dress looks amazing on you! it fits you perfectly. and you should totally get another pair of the tights. oh, and we all know you weren't just "walking to your car". you were totally following that woman.

  2. While I love living in NE, I miss some places from St paul, the nook is one of them. I haven't been back there since they reopened it after the fire.
    The dress is super cute

  3. I'm seriously in love with that dress.  Love the plaid.  It's perfect for your figure, too. 
    Also, will definitely check out the Mall of St. Paul next time I'm up in the cities.

  4. okay, what is this mall of st paul, and how have i never heard about it before?  where is it located in st paul?  it looks like a fun place to get lost in!

  5. Salvaged StrawberryOctober 3, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    That dress is PLAIDulous! I *love* it! What a great find!! :)

  6. Tights are great from that company as well as a lot of their other products. Buy all 51 colors and see what you do over time. They have sales around Christmas and early January.