Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Hai Fall

Mornings around here have been pretty great. It's been about 55-60 when I leave for work which I think is my favorite temperature range. When I get off work, it's about 85... So, mostly I dress for the morning, am comfortable in the AC all day and then sweat my ass off as soon as I walk outside. That's ok though. My new tights were really sad and really wanted me to wear them so I gave in :) If you can't think back that far (don't worry, I have a bad memory too), you can check out how I wore this dress before. On my birthday no less!




Outfit Details:
Dress, tights and shoes - Target
Cardigan - Old Navy


  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleSeptember 10, 2011 at 8:24 AM

    Your title made me smile so hard  : >  Love your black tights and the whole look.

  2. oh my goodness oh my goodness, that dress looks EXTRA CUTE on you! And I love it with that cardigan.

  3. i definitely don't think we'll have any problem wearing tights next week here in minnesota.  can't wait.  i haven't broken mine out yet... almost did one day last week, but i for sure will next week!

  4. I've been dressing the same way! I'm so eager to wear my fall clothes! Then I have to blast the AC on the way home from work and immediately switch into a tank top and skirt when I'm home. Can't wait till it's cool ALL day.