Friday, September 16, 2011

Goodbye Summer

This is what I wore on Tuesday when it was still somewhat warm. I finally got this dress back from Shawn's mom. She was kind enough to tailor some of my "finds" from the thrift store. More like stuff I bought that didn't fit right (too big, a bit too small). This dress was a little too long and the hook and eye was missing. Now it's fixed just in time for fall. Wait, that's not right. Oh well, it got it's moment in the sun (literally).




Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted handmade
Belt, shoes -Thrifted
Cardigan - Marshalls

PS excuse my hair in these pictures. I actually wore this to work so you get to see what I look like after a long day.


  1. I **LOVE** this dress!! From Minnepolitan to Minneapolitan--where did you find it?! It's so cute and sunny. I've been trying to collect little shirtdresses like this, but only have a few so far...

  2. I am pretty sure it's from the Goodwill in Roseville. Isn't it so fun! I might be persuaded to borrow it to you for a week or 2 next summer :)

  3. Love this dress! What a great gingham print!

  4. you look so amazing! this dress is fabulous on you, lovvve the silhouette! and yellow is such a fun color to rock. <3

  5. Why thank you! I'm excited to get some more wear out if it again come spring! Just too thin for MN winter :)