Thursday, September 15, 2011

Internet Woes

I know you've heard me complain about my internet before but now I'm stumped as to what to do. I don't pay a ton of money so I want to keep the (much) less expensive option that I have. I'm not a bundler. So, why is just internet so damn expensive? But my internet requires an antenna that now has to be attached to the inside of my window and only works when the window is open. Now that we have frost warnings, I have a dilemma. Stay warm or have internet. Well enough complaining. I am at work right now and don't have the pictures from yesterday uploaded yet.

In lieu of an outfit, I thought I would share this video with you for Red Velvet. The reason I'm sharing is because I pledged to support them on kickstarter and I was actually the first one! I think small businesses need all the help they can get so I thought I would pitch in. It's really exciting to see something that I helped to make happen!

Check out their store to get one of your own!

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