Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Birds With 1 Stone

So, you get 2 outfits today! Hooray! Aren't you so excited? I know I am. I'm trying to do some catch up here. The first outfit I just tried on for something different, not sure if I will wear it at all. The second outfit scared me a little too. I put on my chambray shirt instead of a cardigan... dun dun duhhhhh. I know, I know. I am such a fashion rebel. It was snowing pretty hard yesterday so I didn't end up wearing either of these. I changed into jeans and wore them with the purple shirt and my black cardigan. Then, I made chocolate chip cookies and ate about 1/2 the dough and 3 (or 5) cookies. I watched a lot of Castle and Fringe so all in all, very productive :)

Hope you all had a good weekend! Oh, and today is the debut of the 30th item... my new shoes!! Shawn got them for me for Valentines and I love them. I have been looking at lace up oxfords forever and couldn't find a reasonable pair. These were on sale (score!) because apparently all people are now interested in sandals. We are all wearing sandals up here in MN. Because who doesn't wear sandals with our recent 15 inches of snow? I'm sure these will be worn about 50 million more times on this blog so for now all you get is a crappy picture of them. But don't fret. :)








  1. Your hair is so pretty! I love both of these outfits. Especially the second one! So cute!!

    KF x

  2. Is that first dress a skirt? Either way I love it... pleats make my heart patter fast...

  3. Love the light blue dress, swell! :)

  4. Yes! you can see it as a skirt in my first 30 for 30. I actually saw this skirt in black at the same thrift store. I can pick it up for you! It was 2.99 I think :)

  5. Thanks! I never wear it all the way down like in the first picture so I was a little self conscious!