Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Takes Two

Baby me and you. Love that song!

So, I was lurking ahem browsing over at Indiana's blog and lo and behold I find this post. She came to the realization that she could use items in her 30 for 30 to recreate a look from Lizzy Punch who was inspired by Fashion me. So, it seems I am the 4th one in the style chain!

This outfit had a lot of mishaps. I had a black skirt in mind but it was also a jean type material and didn't look that great. So then I paired it with this skirt. Turns out it was a bit more sheer than I remember and you could totally see the chambray shirt through it. Not good. So, I thank goodness had another black option. I put the chambray shirt over my black dress. Presto! Outfit. Who's next in the chain?




Your awkward pose of the day. Oh look at me, I'm Betty Boop. Aren't I so cute and sexy with my butt out and kissy face? Oh yeah...

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