Friday, February 11, 2011

Goals for this weekend.

I am posting this more as an accountability thing for myself more than anything else. However, feel free to read if you want!


1. Start making new jewelry
2. Photograph jewelry already made to update Etsy site.
3. Put together and photograph at least 2 outfits. I need to catch up on this 30 for 30!
4. Attend 2 birds vintage event tomorrow.
5. Figure out what I'm doing wrong/learn how to use new circular knitting needles. I WILL make a cowl if it kills me!
6. Head to the grocery store so I don't keep eating popcorn and cereal for dinner every night.
7. Hit the gym at least once.
8. Beat Mystery Case Files. :)
9. Mend some of the items in my pile.
10. Finish watching the disk of Castle I got so I can get the next one :)

Well, seems like a lot but hopefully I can be super productive and get a lot done. It always makes me feel better. Just in case you were wondering, we are going to be having a heatwave this weekend! 40 on Sunday!! I figured out today though that 32 is still 32 even though it is 50 degrees warmer than a couple of days ago.

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  1. How's the vintage event going on? Looks so interesting. :)