Friday, February 4, 2011

Third Times the Charm

What's black and white and red all over?
A. a newspaper
B. a sunburnt penguin
C. this outfit
D. my dog with allergies
E. all of the above

Don't you just love it when mulitple choice gives you the option of all of the above? Unless those suckers are tricking you, it's always going to be E. :)

So, today I wore red in honor of the Go Red for Women event. Shhh I know this sweater isn't in my 30 for 30 but it's for a good cause so let's just pretend. K?


Just pretend that my hair looks really great and I didn't have to pull my bangs back because they were ridiculously static-y.

I really appreciate this door every time I'm in the stairwell. It yells at me I AM NOT AN EXIT. Just in case I couldn't tell from the lack of handle or something... Note to self: do not hold your head at this angle again. you look like a gremlin or something...

Awkward photos of the day. I just had to ham it up with this door...
This is weird, no handle. What do I grab on to when I want to open this door?


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