Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Talk About Six Baby

Hey friends (well my imaginary internet friends) how are you?! My photos of outfits have been missing for a bit and my 30 for 30 is severely behind. I swear I have been wearing them but sadly, not photographing. So, Saturday I had a lot of fun attending the Two Birds vintage event I told you about! So here are some pics from their show as a little teaser for the next one. I was trying to be really good and not buy everything too much stuff.

2.12.11vintage bags



Let's just pretend that these pictures are super crisp, not blurry and that low light photography isn't the bane of my existence. K?

Another plus of going was more people got to see why I have a blog and imaginary friends. The lovely Megan came up to say hi and was all "You're Babes in Thriftland! Thanks for coming!" and I was all like "I've never driven from my house down this particular road before..." Crickets. So, sorry I was weird. I'm actually kind of funny. Hello Socially Awkward Erin. I forgot you were in there. I was shy all through life especially high school, I'm still shy around new people blah blah right? I thought it might help to have you all look at some visuals to compare Fun with Friends Erin and Socially Awkward Erin. Kind of like Barbie but without the dream home, car, Ken and cool clothes.

Let's compare, shall we kittens?

Hey look, I'm so fun in my stolen green cowboy hat! Please don't talk to me. I'm super nervous!

You're turn! Guess who is who!
If you guessed Socially Awkward Erin is on the right then you win! Pride! Isn't that the best prize of all?

On to the outfit I wore! This outfit it me to a T. A little bit girly, a little bit fun and just all Erin.



Outfit Details:
Skirt - thrifted
Shirt -H&M
Sweater - can't remember
Tights - Target
Boots - Payless
Necklace - Rewind Vintage

Can you feel the awkward tonight?


  1. look so pretty in the black floral dress!

  2. you were not awkward at all! we are so happy you made it! it was great meeting you!! also, i think these pictures are lovely...although maybe i'm a bit biased!! we will make sure the next sale isn't held during a 30X30 challenge!!

  3. beautiful photos

  4. Oh thanks! I felt awkward so I must have been thinking I was acting that way :) It's alright to be biased! I will hold off on doing another 30 for 30 until I hear the date announced for your show! That was totally dramatic. haha

  5. I love Two Birds! I wish I could have made it to the sale. Looks like they did really well!