Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Hey! Do you like the new header and background? I'm not 100% sure on the clouds but I kind of like them with the balloon header. Anywho. I wore this this weekend and changed out of it. Why? I'm not sure because I really like it. I'm sure I will be wearing this again soon. Other than the white shirt, these are all unseen items! Weeee! Ok settle down, most of my clothes are unseen as this here blog is only about a month or so old. But, I get excited none the less. Also, this weekend was really "warm!" I say warm because it's all relative. 45 on Sunday was a flippin heat wave compared to the -25 is was a the beginning of the week. Oh Minnesota, you tricky bitch. So, I actually went outside! I took pictures! I went to the dog park! Spring is around the corner! Exclamation points!

I was really excited that these balloons from my tea party were still floaty in all their helium filled glory. The girl at the store said they would only guarantee them for 8-10 hours. Take that Party City! These balloons have been in the air for a week and are still going strong. Get ready for picture overload!

Outside without a jacket people!!



Favorite necklace of all time :)

I'm getting better at posing! So many of these turned out, I had to share!

T-shirt - H&M (yes, it's the same as the black one)
Cardigan - Old Navy
Black jean-ish skirt - thrifted
Necklace - Rewind Vintage (fav!)
Tights - Target
Moccasins - Target
Balloons - Party City


  1. Super cute--outfit, photos, necklace, and balloons!

  2. Super cute necklace! I'm jealous! :)

  3. love it all! not many people can wear yellow. you're lucky to be one of the few!

  4. That necklace is adorable. I love owls!

  5. I love the purple tights with the yellow of the cardigan! Great color combo!

  6. Really cute outfit =) That necklace is really cute, and I love the colours of the cardigan! Also I can't help but love the balloons haha!! Following you now =)

  7. that yellow is so pretty on you :)

  8. Your photography is quite enviable! The yellow stripes, the balloons. the overall color use... Perfection.