Thursday, March 22, 2012

For the Locals - Junk Love

It's that time again, another Junk Love sale! This one is bigger than ever with all of us being at a new venue (across the street) with a lot bigger space. I can't wait to spread out all of my stuff! Come down and see me and buy some goodies!

Doing some prep work for my jewelry.

Check out the website and the Facebook page for more details!


  1. Fun! I hope to be able to make it there before our event!

  2. Darn my shopping ban. :P  I hope the event goes well.  Who knows, I may even cheat and try to swing by.

  3. How fun! Too bad I don't live closer :(

  4. So Fun!  i really wanted to make it over but I was a jerk and chose to go see the hunger games instead!  Can't wait to check out your haul!  Xo Lori