Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Other Babes in Thriftland - Emma

Hi all! Welcome to another edition of Other Babes in Thriftland! Today we have the beautiful and sweet Emma of Hello Emma! She has such a great sense of style that makes me very jealous. No matter what she wears, she just exudes a level of 
cool that I don't have. Not just stylish but also so nice and my friend IRL!  I'll let you tell her about her ideas of thrifting in her own words :)  Plus, she's wearing a skirt that I found but put in the swap I had. I think it suits her much better than me!

I am not as expert a thrifter as Erin and other bloggers I know, but every once in awhile I'll get the thrifting bug big time. Usually I'll make a list of very specific items I'd love to find to keep me focused, because otherwise I don't know what to look at first! This outfit features my absolute favorite thrift find ever: these awesome wedge Timberland booties shone out to me like a beacon at a local Goodwill a few years ago. Thank goodness they were my size! 

The striped t-shirt and straw bag have also been thrifted at various Minneapolis/St. Paul thrift stores. The straw bag is another treasure, found at "Fake Target" (which I found out about on Future Lint, thanks Christine!). If you live anywhere near the Twin Cities and have not been to this secret thrift store, YOU HAVE TO GO. It is in the basement of a regular Salvation Army, but is filled to the brim with overstock from Target - brand new stuff! - plus items they seem to have purchased when trend shopping. I think that's why the bag ended up there, once I found an Isabel Marant tunic for twenty buckaroos! So exciting.

Hmmm, now I've got thrifting on the brain. Guess I'll have to make another trip soon!


thrift2 thrift3


scarf: vintage
necklace: vintage
shirt: thrifted
skirt: swap'd, from Erin!
boots: thrifted
bag: fake target thrifted

I'll go thrifting with you!! Can you believe that this whole outfit is swapped/vintage/thrifted?! I hope you enjoyed Emma! Don't forget to check out her blogIf you want to be featured, send me an email at with a link to your favorite outfit. Also, I would love to hear your tips, a story about thrifting or why you shop at the thrift store!


  1. Lovely floral and stripe mix, inspirational!
    Marie @ 
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Her outfit makes me think spring!  And I have yet to go to "Fake Target" but it's on my list for when my shopping ban is over.

  3. ThreadsAndButtonsMarch 14, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    Emma, this outfit is beautiful!  I really like that skirt.  And I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but you look quite a bit like Jen from .  That is a total compliment by the way, she is so cute!

  4. Awwwww I LOVE this outfit and Emma's style, such an awesome feature!  Love it girly!  Hope your day is cool beans! Xo Lori

  5. Aw! Thanks so much for putting me up on your lovely blog... and thanks to all the lovely comments from your commenters! You guys are all the absolute tops!