Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY glitter shoes

As promised here are a couple pictures from my DIY shoe transformation.  I had seen these on a couple of blogs and thought they were really fun.  They are also 60 bucks. Not worth it in my opinion.  I thought that I could make something similar for much less.  Thanks to Alli's help via tweets, I found a cool tutorial which seemed really easy.  Check out Alli's post too to see how her shoes turned out.

The only supplies you need are modpodge, glitter, ribbon for laces (if you use tie shoes), a paintbrush (I used a foam one) and shoes! I got my shoes at the thrift store for a cool 4 bucks.  I got the glitter and ribbon for the laces at Joann. Oh, I also used a plastic cup to stir my glitter in. Just in case you don't have those floating around, add it to your shopping list. I added way more glitter after I started painting because it wasn't giving the coverage that I wanted. You can see what I mean in the second picture. Once the glitter to glue ratio was right, I let them dry! That was it. I made the mistake of doing the tongue at the same time because when I was trying to tie the laces, the sides were stuck to the tongue and it pulled a whole chunk of my glitter off.  I probably won't redo it though cause I'm lazy :)  Be careful of it getting to globby though.  I have a couple of spots that it looks a bit chunky and it bugs me.  If you have more questions, let me know!

Do you see the potential?

Too much glue, not enough glitter


Done! Not perfect but I think they're cute!


  1. Not bad!  I have some Mod Podge from a brief stint in decoupage, might have to give this a try!

  2. I have been wanting to try this for quite awhile!  How well did the glitter stay on?  My biggest fear is losing a ton of glitter once I wear them out!