Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Home-y Things

You don't get to see too much of my place because 1) it's tiny and 2) it's always messy. But, I bought some stuff at the past 2 Junk Love sales and I thought I would share with how they look in my place!

I was looking for something big with a lid like a trunk to store my hats and mittens. I have a hat and mitten thief living under my roof. Chewed a puff ball right off the top of my favorite hat the other day. Hence the need for a lid.

green bin

green bin2
I'm not sure what this was originally used for (wood maybe?) but I love it for my purposes!

I'll try to get better pictures of this soon but I'm so proud of my little DIY, I had to share! This cute little desk was a not so cute peach color. I painted it green and then added the faux bois finish on the top. It took a while but I love how it turned out. Now I need to find stuff to put above my desk. I'm thinking a fun little collage thingy with vintage prints and frames etc. Anyone want to come help? The bookcase used to be where the desk is but I think it works really great turned to the side to create this little nook.

desk area

desk top
The lighting over here is gross. I hate the lights that are in my hallway (next home improvement thing to do!). It doesn't look quite this... yellow-y and garish in person.

That's it for now! I'll be sure to show you once I have some stuff on the wall!


  1. I love the desk. So cute! And you have a lot of hats and mittens! (Not that I can talk).

  2. Oooh, I like your winter glove, etc storage. I use a clear rubbermaid so I can see inside, but that is so much more cute. I have to paint and refinish some of my furniture this summer. It's on my list of to dos. :) Any blogs out there with good DIY ideas/tips?

  3. The tutorial for my faux bois was on Martha Stewart. I'll have to look at my blog roll to give you other ones! I had so much fun painting this too. All I did was sand it lightly and then use a paint with primer already in. Two coats and voila!

  4. This is awesome, Erin! I love it!!

  5. I love the paint job you did on the desk too! Your little office area at your place is super cute!! 

  6. Me too! That aqua metal bin is perfect for that!!

  7. Paint with primer... That's my new fantasy. The last time I painted something significant I had to prime seperately. UGH. ;)