Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Outfit - North Woods Christmas

To all of my readers who celebrate Hanukkah, word on the street is that it started yesterday. So happy Hanukkah to you! Another day, another Christmas outfit.  This is more of a rustic type outfit than the past two. I knew I wanted to wear my new favorite green tights. Then I pulled this plaid shirt and jean skirt out of the dryer and an outfit was born.  Cool story about my cardigan.  I was over at my Grandma's (mom's mom) this summer to help with her garage sale. I was upstairs helping her clean out some of the rooms aka asking if I can have things that are cool that she clearly doesn't use.  I found a hall closet that had some some clothes in it and found this sweater. She said I could have it (yes!) because it didn't fit her anymore.  What makes this double-y cool is she told me that my parents got her this sweater when they went to Ireland in the 70's. It was meant to be!

christmas outfit 3a

christmas outfit 3c

christmas outfit 3d

christmas outfits 3b

Outfit Details:
Shirt, skirt - Thrifted
Irish wool sweater - gift from my gran
Shoes - Two Birds Vintage
Tights - Target

PS. I just realized that this skirt is SUPER wrinkly. Welcome to my world. We love thrifting here but have a severe ironing allergy.


  1. I'm allergic to ironing too.  Ha.

    That is the coolest sweater, love that it is actually from Ireland, how awesome!!

  2. Awesome sewater - love the back story!

  3. Thanks! Me too. Makes clothes more special me thinks

  4. I hear it is a common allergy :) I know! It makes the Irish wool that much more Irish-y :)