Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspiration Monday

Back again with another Inspiration Monday from Two Birds. I headed over and pestered Megan and Nora at their sale this weekend. Every time I showed up, they told me I had just missed the rush. I'm actually kind of glad that happened because then they wouldn't be ignoring me for their customers. So annoying when they do that. I tried a couple things on but only ended up with a sweater and 4 vintage Nancy Drew books. Not too shabby :) Megan texted me yesterday saying that I should wear my new sweater for this post. Not one to look a stylish blogger in the mouth (did that make any sense?), I told myself to go for it. Plus, I do everything Megan tells me. Trust me. I'm a doctor.

This is my first time wear jean on jean. Or in my case, jean on jegging. It is also my first time rolling said jeggings. You're welcome fashion world. I am one step closer to fitting in.




Outfit details:
Shirt, boots - Thrifted
Hat - ?
Makeup - Not wearing any apparently :)

Oh and these pictures were taken today. You will see in the next couple of posts that those photos were not. In case you didn't notice or read my last 50 posts, I live in MN. It's now winter and we have snow. You will be seeing a lot of this thing called snow. Or, a lot of the inside of my condo building. You're welcome in advance. Wonder of wonders, today you got both! I also bought myself a new remote. No more blurry pictures! I hope!


  1. I had my eye on that sweater, but then I didn't make it to the sale. It's a great find. It looks adorable on you!

  2. Awesome sweater!  It looks really great on you!

  3. Very cute! The sweater looks fabulous. 

  4. I totally wanted that sweater but I was out of town this weekend!!!!  LOOOOOVE it and I am totally digging the jean on jean action you've got going on!

  5. I dont know how you did it, but those top two pictures are so pretty! I love that just-before-sunset glow behind you. ALSO VERY CUTE SWEATER. I am super jealous.

  6. The camera was set on a light post and I stayed very still. That's about it!

  7. Thanks! Maybe you can borrow it for a week or 2! I'm willing to share :)

  8. Well these two awesome ladies I know picked it out.

  9. It is really warm too. I want to wear it every day.

  10. You can borrow it anytime! Now I know where you live...